About YETI Hardware Factory

We are one of the leading manufacturers on mainland China. We, "YETI Hardware Factory" manufactures all of our own products. Each of our engineers is a trained lock expert. He knows exactly how our products work and how they are best applied.

YETI's technical and communication departments, keep our customers informed of the latest industry technology. It is this professional approach that keeps customers well informed and up to date on all aspects of LOCKS products.

Maintaining a high standard of quality has always given "YETI Hardware Factory" our reputation as the leading manufacturer in the security & hardware industry today.

At "YETI Hardware Factory", a full time research and development staff of experienced engineers devote themselves to producing "state of art" hardware anbd security products. We have control over quality and price because we make all of our own products. By manufacturing the complete YETI line, we can deliver the most consistent quality of professional security products available today.

Services we offer:

-OEM service
-Logo design
-Packing design and product description design
-Product spare parts in competitive price
-Construction project support
-Multi-language support

Web address: http://www.yetilock.com
Email: sales@yetilock.com


(HONG KONG Central Office)
TEL: 852-27642629 FAX: 852-27650578

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